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ilass-EUROPE 2002

Zaragoza, SPAIN

18th Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization & Spray Systems

9th - 11th September 2002

Welcome to the ILASS-Europe 2002 Disk of Proceedings.

This disk contains nearly all the papers presented in the 18th Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems ILASS-Europe2002, held from September 9th to 11th in Zaragoza, Spain, organized under the auspices of ILASS-Europe by the Laboratory for Research in Combustion Technology (LITEC).

Papers can be addressed by topic or by author. To exit a paper and return to the index, press the "back" button of your navigator.

I am sure that you will find these Proceedings of your scientific interest.

July 2002 Antonio Lozano
ILASS-Europe 2002 Chairman
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